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By Brooke Larsen, DNP Herpes simplex or “cold sores” are caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV-1). Cold sores have described by physicians since ancient times and the word “herpes” was used by Greek scholars meaning “to creep or crawl”.  Cold sores most commonly affect the mouth and lips but
By Michael Warren, PA-C Epidermal cysts are visible lesions that can arise anywhere on the skin and are very common. Typically they can be asymptomatic, but they can also become inflamed, rapidly expand, or rupture. Cysts are usually solitary and frequently develop in areas of friction. They can feel like
Living in the desert has its advantages. One of those is the seemingly ever-present desert sunshine. We have almost 330 cloudless days here in Las Vegas. The sun feels good and allows for a bevy of outdoor activity, but can also be your worst enemy. We know a long day
Getting lip filler is a common treatment today, that is done by injecting a hyaluronic acid dermal filler into the lips to improve symmetry, add hydration, give a rosy glow, define the shape, or create more volume. Here, our injector and PA Lynne Ulevich is opting for a subtle look,
What should you do if you notice a new or changing growth on your skin? First things first, do not panic. Not all changing spots on your body are bad. It is normal for us to get new moles or growths as we age. You should be on the lookout